Data Protection Policy

Policy approved July 2022.

  1. We acknowledge that we are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation, but we understand that we are exempt from registering with the Information Commissioner’s Office.
  2. We keep personal data on the Trustees, which is kept internally for essential administrative purposes.
  3. We work very closely with the British Go Association (the BGA), and we may share personal data with the BGA. All such data will be subject to the BGA’s own Data Protection Policy, and the Trust will only divulge such data if it is consistent with that Policy.
  4. We keep personal data on donors to the Trust. This data is kept for internal administrative purposes, and is kept in an offline computer database. Our normal policy is to keep details of individual donors confidential, but to publish details of corporate donors, although exceptions to this policy may be made with the full agreement of the donor.
  5. We keep personal data on recipient of grants made by the Trust. The exact details retained will depend on the recipient, and may include name, address, age and email address. This data is kept for internal administrative purposes, and is kept on an offline computer database.
  6. We do not publish details of people who may be in receipt of grants. However, we may make general announcements about grants, and it is possible that the recipient of a grant may be identified by some detective work using information from a range of sources,
  7. We will divulge any such data that we hold if required by law.